reproinfo is a company created by Reprodoc Ltd, an international ultrasonography service for clients in beef and dairy production founded by Dr. Dan Ryan.

Reprodoc Ltd is the leading company focused on reproductive tract optimisation on the island of Ireland. It has the largest bovine reproductive tract status database which is rigorously analysed to map cause and effect and assist farmers and nutritionists refine their activities.

Over the last 20 years Reprodoc Ltd has developed data collection, data analysis and data reporting technologies that have allowed its customers maximise the value of the ultrasonography carried out on their farms. This has included the ability to view the individual reproductive history and other pertinent data of each animal as it was scanned as well as the ability to upload the precise current reproductive tract status of each animal to its file as it is examined. It also provided both immediate action based reports and more detailed herd analysis reports.

In 2010 Reprodoc Ltd began investing in computer aided diagnosis leveraging the Vision System Group at Dublin City University and employing two PhDs to work solely on this project for Reprodoc Ltd. In 2013 this work bore fruit with development of unique technology which prompts the veterinary practitioner to select the correct diagnosis. To date satisfactory results have been achieved with early stage foetus age calculation, corpus luteum / follicle detection and uterine horn infection status.

>In April 2014 Reprodoc Ltd decided to make available the technologies it has developed to both the domestic and international markets through a new company called reproinfo

reproinfo will lead the commercialisation and further development of the existing Reprodoc Ltd technologies. It will also build outwards with the application of its in house bioinformatics capability tackling reproductive status in even greater depth as well as other bovine and equine biometrics.

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